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Fall Clean Up Services

Fall Clean-Up


Fall Clean-Up services are typically rendered after grass has stopped growing for the season and after your trees have dropped the majority of their leaves.  This services includes:

  • Removal of leaves from your flower beds and your lawn

  • Trimming back perennial flowers and ornamental grasses from your beds and removing annuals

  •  One final mowing of your lawn


Fall Clean-Up Service begins at $249+ based on the specific needs and leaf accumulation of your property.

Mowing Add-On

Leaf Clean-Up

If Delta Lawn Care already maintains your lawn with weekly mowing and trimming, adding on weekly Leaf Clean-Up may be the best option for you.  Once you add the Leaf Clean-Up to your weekly mowing service, Delta Lawn Care will extend your service time each week to remove accumulated leaves from your landscaping and lawn, leaving you with a nice and tidy lawn each week.  This service will extend your weekly service past grass growing season, and will insure that your lawn is looking its best each week until the end of leaf dropping season!  Prices for this additional service are based on extending your current mowing rate based on time required to complete the task.  Why wait for all the leaves to pile up when we can remove them for you weekly for a small, additional service fee?

One Time Leaf Clean-Up


One Time Leaf Clean-Up service includes removing leaves from your landscaping and lawn.


Pricing for this service is estimated on the quantity of leaf accumulation and the condition of the leaves (dry, wet or frozen), because wet and frozen leaves just take longer!  Call us today for an estimate!


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