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Delta Lawn Care
Residential and Commercial
Mowing Services


Some Reasons Why
Delta is The Difference!​

Lawn Care Should Be a Blessing for Our Customers!

Delta Does Not Require Service Contracts for Residential Customers

  • Delta customers are not obligated to retain Delta Lawn Care's services for an entire season.  If you find our work unsatisfactory, you are not locked into a long contract.

  • Customers receive thorough work estimates before approving our services.

  • Estimates clearly outline the scope of work to be completed so no confusion results.

  • Delta utilizes a Card-on-File payment system for every customer. 

  • Payment for services rendered by Delta are processed every Friday following completion of that week's mowing services: no weekly payment efforts are
    required by Delta customers.

  • Delta customers are free to cancel future mowing services at any time.

If It's Worth Doing, It's Worth Doing Well

  • Many lawn care companies destroy their customers' property because their technicians are pressured to work faster than they should, resulting in damaged turf.

  • Delta technicians move quickly, but we're never in a hurry!  

  • We take care to mow your turf in different directions each week so that ruts and turf damage do not occur.

  • Your property may have one, two or even three Delta technicians servicing your property.  Sometimes this means your lawn will be serviced in as little as 15 minutes, but rest assured that each technician only works as fast as they can while maintaining superior work quality.

Communication, Communication, Communication

There is no such thing as over-communicating at Delta!

  • We will get in touch with you as fast as possible when you communicate with us. 

  • We strive to return all customers' communications on the same day.

  • We strive to deliver requested job estimates within 24 hours of receipt.

Delta's Detailed Mowing Service

Quality Service


Grass Cutting

We use light weight commercial zero turn and push mowers to professionally cut your grass.  We take our time to ensure your turf is not damaged during this process.  We vary cut heights based on weather conditions, seasonal temperatures and other factors to make sure your grass stays as healthy as possible. 


String Trimming

String trimmers are used in hard to reach areas around your property (including some steep slopes) where it is not safe or practical to use a mower.  We want your yard to be nice and tidy and will trim and cut every blade you have!


Mowing Scheduling

All Delta customers are scheduled for weekly mowing service.  We will always mow your property on the same weekday IF the weather allows.  Because of weather conditions, your lawn may be mowed one day before or after your normally scheduled appointment.  We will NEVER mow your lawn if doing so will cause turf damage due to overly wet or dry conditions.  In the event we must reschedule, we will notify you as soon as possible.


Hardscape Edging

We will use a blade edger to ensure your turf does not overgrow your concrete sidewalks, driveways and curbs leaving a crisp, clean and satisfying border between grass and hard surface.  We will use string trimmers near asphalt or flower bed retaining walls so these surfaces are not damaged.


Surface Cleanup

Lastly, we will use our blowers to blow off any surfaces, structures or vehicles that became dirty during the mowing process.  Mowing is a dirty job, but we'll do our best to leave your property cleaner than we found it!


Mowing Exclusions

Delta's Mowing Services include the maintenance of your turf only and DO NOT include any maintenance activities to trees, shrubs or inside flower beds.  Delta does offer these services.  We would be happy to provide such services to you apart from your normal mowing service.

Delta Lawn Care is thorough and courteous.  They always do great work and leave my property cleaner than they found it!  I highly recommend them!

Rob H.

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