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Delta Lawn Care is a small business owned and operated by Brandon and Valerie Stinnett with their son and daughter, Collin and Ella. 
Delta Lawn Care is headquartered in Alexandria, Kentucky. 


Our mission is to provide the highest quality lawn and landscape maintenance services to our customers. 

We think you will see that Delta Lawn Care is Reputable, Reliable and Responsible

We always take the time to do the job right without cutting any corners and we'll never rush a job resulting in subpar work. 


The Stinnett family is well known for their dedication in service to others in their personal and professional lives.  They love to walk away from their customers' homes and businesses knowing that they've given them the very best lawn care available.  

If you are looking to establish professional lawn care for the first time, or if you are just looking for a change we invite you to contact us and see why...

Delta is the Difference!


Delta Lawn Care is fully insured in the unlikely event that something unfortunate happens while servicing your property.


Something isn't right?  Let us know within 24 hours and we'll come back and fix it!  


Your lawn will be scheduled to mow on the same day each week.  In the event that rain or severe weather creates a situation where mowing your turf may damage it or endanger our safety, we will mow either the day before or after your scheduled date to ensure your lawn's health.  When your service date is changed, we will contact you so that you are aware of the change!

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